How To Claim Redgear Warranty: With Guidelines

Hi, there Please follow the steps: to claim the warranty on Redgear products.

This blog will help you, Claim the warranty and the process to claim, with my own experience. So, make sure to read the guidelines which I follow.

Before applying for a warranty, be sure the product is under warranty time.

How To Claim Warranty

First, search redwoodinteractive on your browser.

search redwoodinteractive for redgear warranty claim

Click on the ( redwood interactive ), Which is at the top of the list.

Click the result to redgear page

You will land on the landing page.

Landing page for redgear

Scroll to the bottom of the site page. You will able to find the contact page.

There will be a Complaint registration link.

Complaint link for redgear warranty claim

Click the link to follow the new page ( You will be redirected to this page.

register complaint to redgear warranty claim

Then, click the register a complaint button.

Fill out the form, and describe your problem with your product.

Redgear warranty form to claim

Redgear warranty claim submit button

After completing the form, Click on the submit button.

You will receive a ticket number to check the status.

Redgear warranty ticket number

That’s it all done. You will receive an email about the feature process.

After form submission

After successful form submission, there will be a mail for pickup guidelines.

The mail explains everything you need to follow.

The sample mail of my product

The sample mail for warranty claim process

In India. The entire process of warranty is on the boat’s hand.

Once the customer service executive verifies your invoice for the product, they will assign pickup.

After the product reaches the service hub of Redgear, they will start to test your product.

If there is an issue with your product, they will replace it or repair it.

This entire end-to-end process takes up to 10-14 days. So, be patient and check the status of your ticket every day.

Pickup guidelines

* Pack your product in any small box before handing it to the courier partners.

* Don’t hand over the Product box, product accessories, or invoice to the courier partner.

These are the simple guidelines: to follow.

If you find this blog helpful. Let me know👇

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